About & Guidelines


(The pen is forever mightier than the sword)




Bob & Jeff are the moderators of questioning questions, the paradigm of each of us trying to make sense to our lives in the convoluted social reality of our times.

Our intent is to increase meaningful thought and dialog among all men and women of our world who feel the need to question and to have an outlet to say and help our society improve our own human cohabitation.

No matter where you’re from or live, your opinion is welcome and valued!

How it works.

This website is not a blog; it is a space purposely made for all People to express free thoughts about different subjects of social relevance.

Here, at Bob & Jeff, we post questions with the intention of hearing other viewpoints. No fear, no retribution.  Every thought is free to write, everyone has freedom of speech no matter what the   worldview including all opinions and comments no matter how frank.

Our topic is Questioning  Questions,” meaning  we challenge the most controversial and burning issues of our time, we do not intend to orientate your political views, your considerations on economy, or your reflections on social problems past and present. Everyone has a leading role, not just us.

Bob and Jeff want you to express yourself, this is the place for you to engage yourself in constructive conversations and to find out if you’re the only one thinking that or are their others.

We do rely on your probity and capacity of controlling your language and behavior. One may well express disagreement and disappointment without offending others.  YOU ARE RESONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU SAY, civility is expected.

You can comment by logging in with your accounts at Twitter, Facebook, or WordPress.com, or, if you have none, leaving your name and email. Please, do not send comments with fake emails, as it will be reported as spam. Your personal data is safe on our site; check our Privacy Policy.

We definitely want to receive your comments, hear your ideas, and see you engage with one another. This interaction or dialog makes people awesome and help us all progress as human beings.

Given that we believe in this space as a useful tool for you the people to fully engage in relevant conversations over relevant topics, it is essential to agree on some guidelines.

We appreciate congratulations, and are not afraid of criticism. However, avoid one-word comments like “Gorgeous” or “Sucks!” For the sake of the conversation, it is better to stay on the subject and write something that adds some value to it. Thus, feel free to articulate your contentment or dissatisfaction, and so your enthusiasm or anger. What’s important is to hear what you love and what you dislike, and–even more important– why.

So, let’s agree about these very simple and reasonable rules.

Please, no self-promotion. Comments that simply contain links to your site and are unrelated to the Question we post are not accepted. Yes, you can quote blogs and articles; you can quote yourself and link to that specific post if it meets the subject. Please do not use this website for advertising.

Always give others a chance to speak, too. Do not use swear words, no blasphemy, and never offend other people’s beliefs.

No type of content that encourages violence, racism, or crime will be published and can be reported if need be.

We will not limit your expository vein, nonetheless, keep your comments succinct and focused.

Please, consider that we’ll remove comments written entirely in a language other than English, as well as those that are difficult to understand due to grammatical and spelling errors. This does not mean we want perfection; we just want you to understand that if an observation is impossible to comprehend, it makes it all the more difficult for participants to follow and reply.

Remember! You, not us, are responsible for what you write.

We hope you’ll appreciate these guidelines. Our goal is to make Bob & Jeff a place for both insights and criticism in the hopes that this will contribute and increase discussion in our societies. At least for us, what you say matters, and very much so!

Once again, we want you to know that we take your privacy very seriously and will never sell nor give out your emails and personal information to absolutely anyone.  Check our Privacy Policy to learn more.